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Serious injuries call for serious attorneys. Attorneys with mental toughness, technological savvy and courtroom experience. Bill Myers and Steve Lafferty are relentless advocates who've built a law firm that combines an old-school work ethic with modern technology. Their tenacity and trial successes have won them the gratitude of their clients and the respect of their opponents.

success stories



Mr. Myers obtained this large settlement for a track worker at mediation. The employee suffered career-ending injuries to his hand during a track-laying project. Mr. Myers was happy that he could settle the case without the risk and expense of trial.


$2.5 Million Railroad Settlement During Trial

Bill Myers and Steve Lafferty won a $2.5 million settlement from Amtrak during the first day of trial for an Electric Traction Lineman who suffered shoulder injuries while atop and Electric Traction pole. A hand line hanging down from the pole was left untended by the company supervisor and foreman, and became entangled in a passing freight train, causing the pole to jerk violently.

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Construction Accidents

$2,460,000 Verdict for a Maryland Dredge Operator

Mr. Lafferty won this verdict for a Maryland dredge operator following a week-long trial. Before the case went to court, the defendant offered a fraction of the amount ultimately awarded by the jury. At trial, the defendant vigorously contested every issue in the case but was soundly rejected by the jury. In the end, Mr. Lafferty collected the full amount of the award, plus interest, for the client.

Defective Automobile

Car shoulder harness that killed child – settlement

The firm represented the parents of a ten-year-old girl who was “hung” to death by her shoulder harness in a low-impact collision. Mr. Myers brought the case against the automobile manufacturer and brought together a team of design experts to prove that the manufacturer was negligent in failing to warn parents not to allow children in the front seats and not to allow them to wear the shoulder harness. The manufacturer agreed to a confidential seven-figure settlement and shortly afterward placed warnings in all of its cars to seat young children in the back seats, and without shoulder harnesses.

Workplace Injury

Truck tire rim explosion causing major injuries in workplace – settlement

The firm represented a man whose face was ripped open by an exploding multi-piece truck tire rim. The man suffered fractures to his skull and jaw, the loss of one of his eyes and many of his teeth, and required numerous surgeries over several years. Mr. Myers sued the manufacturer, undertook extensive discovery and settled the case on the eve of trial for a confidential amount.

Trucking Accident

Trucking accident – Brain injury – Settlement

The firm represented a young man who drove his car under a tractor-trailer which was backing across a two-lane road at night. The client did not see the truck because it lacked adequate reflective warnings. The client suffered brain injuries that required extensive rehabilitation and Mr. Myers worked with the client’s family throughout the ordeal. Happily, the young man fully recovered from his injuries, and Mr. Myers secured a seven-figure confidential settlement.

Trucking Accident

Distracted tractor-trailer driver kills two parents – settlement

The firm represented the children of two parents killed in a car accident caused when a distracted tractor-trailer driver ran through a red light. To demonstrate the emotional devastation suffered by the family members, Mr. Myers hired a professional television producer to conduct a series of interviews and then presented the film at a mediation conducted by a well-respected former judge. After just one day of mediation, the trucking company agreed to pay the substantial demand and the case was settled.


$850,000 for SEPTA Conductor

Mr. Myers recently obtained this large settlement for a SEPTA yard conductor injured when an MU Locomotive trap door fell on him. The case was settled just before it went to binding arbitration.

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$1.6 Million in Derailment Case

After two weeks of trial, Mr. Lafferty won this jury award for a Norfolk Southern engineer whose train was caused to derail by a landslide. Norfolk Southern refused to settle, took the case to trial and lost. Norfolk Southern appealed the verdict to the Pennsylvania Superior Court and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and lost at both levels.


$750,000 For SEPTA Engineer

Mr. Myers won a $750,000 settlement for a SEPTA engineer who slipped on oil on a locomotive. The oil had leaked into the engine room and been tracked into the control cab. The engineer walked into the control cab directly from the platform, did not see the oil, and fell.

Read the case study here.

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