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NJ to Investigate Hoboken Train Crash

NJ to Investigate Hoboken Train CrashThe State of New Jersey has announced that it will investigate NJ Transit and its leadership in light of the Hoboken train crash that occurred on Sept. 29, 2016.

According to The Record, “Moments after they approved a gas-tax increase that may give NJ Transit a brief reprieve from its deep budget woes, state legislators announced plans … to investigate the agency.”

The New Jersey state auditor will lead the investigation of NJ Transit’s safety practices.

The Record also notes that “Days after the crash, a U.S. official leaked news to the Associated Press that the Federal Railroad Administration had launched its own investigation into NJ Transit’s safety and leadership problems this spring.”

According to federal authorities, the train that crashed into the Hoboken Terminal had accelerated just moments before the crash from 8 mph to 21 mph. The crash killed one person and injured more than 100 others.

According to the NTSB, the throttle was at idle as the train traveled at 8 mph while approaching the Hoboken train station in New Jersey, but was pushed 38 seconds before the train crashed. The throttle was then pushed back to idle “just prior to the collision,” but the train continued to travel at 21 mph just prior to the train crash. The event recorder shows that the engineer tried applying emergency brakes less than one second before the train crash.

While the cause of the rail accident has not yet been determined, it is important that those injured in the train accident understand their legal rights.They should contact an experienced train accident lawyer.

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