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After the Hoboken Train Crash: How Do I File a Claim against NJ Transit?

After the Hoboken Train Crash: How Do I File a Claim against NJ Transit? On the morning of Sept. 29, 2016, passengers of NJ Transit train No. 1614 were involved in an unthinkable event. Their routine morning turned deadly when their commuter train crashed into the Hoboken train station. This resulted in the tragic death of one woman, while more than 100 people were injured.

Each of the people affected by the Hoboken train crash has the right to hold NJ Transit accountable.

New Jersey Transit is a state-owned transit authority, and, therefore, a public entity. Because it is a public entity, passengers must file a notice of tort claim within 90 days of the incident. For Hoboken train crash victims, Dec. 28 is the deadline, but it is in your best interest to get your claim filed as soon as possible. If the deadline passes and no claim has been filed, those affected can recover no compensation for the emotional, physical, or financial loss they experienced because of the crash. (That deadline can be extended for people under the age of 18.)

The Notice of Claim makes NJ Transit aware of your injury and provides the entity time to investigate the claim. Once the claim is filed, you will be able to file a lawsuit against NJ Transit after a six-month waiting period.

Here at Myers Lafferty, our experienced train crash attorneys always recommend that those injured file a claim, no matter how small they might think the injury or property damage is, at first. It is within your rights to express a grievance towards the entity that harmed you.

You can access the free state claim form here.

The form must be mailed to: Tort and Contract Unit, Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Risk Management, P.O. Box 620, Trenton, NJ 08625.

If you are a railroader who was working on Train No. 1614, please visit our FELA FAQ to learn more about how a FELA attorney can help protect you.

If you need representation or need any assistance with your claim, please contact the Myers Lafferty offices at 888-290-6888.